Introducing our new (and exciting) wines, including Natural and Organic…

Pustza Libre

Sweet and light – a delightfully refreshing red wine to drink in Summer, direct from the fridge. Using both Zeiwgelt and St. Laurent grapes, this wine comes from the Burgenland region of Austria.

With tastes of cherry and plum, this natural wine is best shared by the bottle as it certainly special…

Pflüger Weißburgunder

This bio-dynamic wine from Pflüger is a delicious Pinot Blanc with the aroma of pears and mango. With grapes grown in Bad Dürkheim and Friedelsheim, this dry white wine is light and refreshing.

Harteneck Chasselas Vollmond

This organic and natural wine from Baden, Markgräflerland in Germany won Gold at the International Organic Wine Awards 2019. Using the Chasselas grape variety, here you will find notes of melon, apple blossom and a touch of grapefruit. It is crisp, full-bodied and complex, and did we mention it was organic and natural?

Punctum 20.000 Leguas

Now this is something special, and one of our favourites…and not just for the gorgeous label design.

Night harvested and cold macerated before fermenting, this natural ‘orange’ wine uses Chardonnay grapes that are fermented with their skin. With a complex taste of tropical fruit, hazelnut, apple and dried orange peel

Presenting a new spirit to our collection…Mezcal

Mezcal, Berlin, Wein Salon

Like Tequila….but a whole lot more (and better!). We bring you…. Alacrán Auténtico Joven

Smokey, with a hint of dried citrus and fresh oregano, this Mezcal is one to travel across town for – and it’s even better when combined with fresh lime juice, agave, and a dash of smoked salt to create our Mezcal sour. As you can guess, we fell in love with it upon first taste (or with Myke, first sniff…)

Made in Oaxaca, Mexico, the ‘Espadin’ agave hearts are roasted in an underground oven, then crushed by a donkey or a horse powered Tahona mills. Afterwards, they are naturally fermented and double distilled in copper pots. All that effort to bring you a superb-tasting spirit that will set your taste-buds buzzing.

Not convinced? Then come and try some at the bar and you will be…

New delights…

Tarquin's Cornish British Blackberry Dry Gin, Wein Salon, Berlin, Gin

Along with the renovations, we also fancied a few new spirits for the bar, along with our new house Pils from Berliner Berg (more on that later…). Our first new spirit we bring to you…

With stunning scenery, beautiful countryside and wonderful water, Cornwall is truly a delightful part of England. Although we are slightly biased as it is from around this region we originate from…as is our new gin – Tarquin’s Cornish British Blackberry Dry Gin.

In their own words,

We’ve hand-selected 14 different botanicals – carefully sourced from both distant and exotic locations around the world – to craft a gin in proud celebration of the Great British Blackberry.

BLACKBERRIES ~ 100% British

WILDFLOWER HONEY ~ from Cornwall

CORIANDER SEED ~ from Bulgaria

LIQUORICE ROOT ~ from Uzbekistan

ANGELICA ROOT ~ from Poland

ORRIS ROOT ~ from Morocco

GREEN CARDAMON ~ from Guatemala

CINNAMON ~ from Madagascar

BITTER ALMONDS ~ from Morocco

FRESH ORANGE, LEMON & GRAPEFRUIT PEEL ~ (seasonally sourced)

VIOLETS ~ hand-picked from Tarquin’s Garden

And the result? Well, come and try it for yourselves, and we can guarantee the flavour will delight and enchant you…

Our One Year Anniversary….and an invitation to you all.

We’ve been at Wein Salon for a year! Wow…we have met so many wonderful people in our first year, served a varied range of drinks and become part of a community – and our lives are richer for this. We would like to personally thank all our delightful customers who have graced us with their presence and custom over the past year.

To celebrate out first year opening we have a party planned on Saturday 24th August, featuring people who have performed at our bar during our time here, including the incredible Growler (who helped us to celebrate International Women’s Day) and Cam Casey, a fellow Brit who came to Berlin last year and is now firmly established on the poetry scene of this beautifully creative city.

So, Saturday 24th August – add it to your calendar, make your plans to visit us, and we look forward to seeing all of you for an evening of celebrations!

Oh, and have you seen the newly renovated bar room – designed by a Robert Bothma and installed by one of our kindest customers (thank you Thomas!).

Welcome to Wein Salon, one and all…

It seems apt that our first weekend with the renovated bar (have you seen it yet?), and a new website, we also celebrate Pride in Berlin – the CSD March. An inclusive event celebrating love and acceptance – something we believe is crucial in order to have a peaceful, loving society. At Wein Salon we are also an inclusive place, where people can come and enjoy themselves without fear of being judged or stigmatised. So, if you believe in acceptance and love for all, we welcome you to celebrate this on Saturday at our Pride at Wein Salon event, where we shall be serving specially designed cocktails for one weekend only. More information on our Facebook site,

To be a same-sex couple owning a bar, in partnership in business and life, is a joy. We are lucky to live in a country with people that accept our relationship, and encourage us to be proud of our life. Many people in the world right now do not have the same joy in their lives, and indeed fear for their lives. We might have more rights now in Germany, but across the world more and more people are losing their rights to be who they want to be and love who they want to love. If you would like to support and help LGBTQI and Queer community across the world, then this charity might be of interest: .