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Dick & Danger’s Drive Drag Show

June 1 @ 19:00 22:00

Dick & Danger’s Drive Drag Show: A Drive, themed Divisive Theater Drag Show performed by Kings, Quings, and Creatures from the confinement of a car to the freedom of Queer spaces and the exploration of masculine and non-binary realms. 

With your fabulous hosts

Angel Danger (they/them)

Non binary Drag “Kring”(creature to king), shapeshifter between the worlds, sweet and dangerous, will charm with their sensitivity and shock with a wink in the eye.

The Golden Dick (hard he/him) is God’s gift to the world🤴🏾🙌🏼 🤑Dental practitioner💰💰💰SWANA obsessed🌇Tehran-to-Temecula🇮🇷🪕🇺🇸🏖️So-Cal Boi 🔥🔥🔥political & posturing 💎🔫 can do no wrong 😜💋🔞

Joined by these incredible beings

Jude (they/them): International Drag darling based in Berlin.

Scab is the crusty gremlin raised from an old manor house. Scab loves a slab of butter on a stale old piece of toast. Drowning in deep red wine, lying on a carpet of ash, scabby will be your best friend you’ll pull out of the trash. 

Prince Valentino Lacrimosa (he/him) is a performer, writer, and filmmaker (who also moonlights as a vampire). Oh, and did he mention that he’s also a violinist? This prince has all sorts of tricks up his sleeve. 

But please, call him Valentino–all his lovers do.

For the fun!!! The adventure!!! The feels!!! We hope to see you there and all your beautiful selves. Doors: 19:00:00/Show: 20:00

Entry: 10€ 🫶🏽 Please bring 5-10€ for tips to help support the artists, creatures, creators, and the future Beings we hope to bring to the stage 💜💜💜

@weinsalon @dick_and_danger_drag @angel_in_solitude @thegoldendickdragking @valentino.lacrimosa @champton.doc @jude_loves_you_too Photo: @hugo.goboy @photography_sfp @creative_makeup_berlin

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