International Women’s Day Festival 2020 – Day 1

Bitchfest: for women on the verge who want to vent

Did someone do you wrong because you’re a lady-girl-woman type, or perceived as one out in the world?

Did you do anything about it? Did you want to?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, Bitchfest is for YOU. Hosted by Smut Slam founder Cameryn Moore, this community storytelling open mic invites women to get up on the mic and share their shit. One story per person, five minutes each.

– Not sure whether the shit was just because you’re a woman, or because you’ve got other stuff going on to (race, age, gender, sexuality, body size, disability, class, religion, etc)? THAT’S OKAY! Intersectionality is real and all of this shit is related!
– Don’t think your story is funny or inspiring enough? DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT: we all know that the patriarchy is depressing AF, and we are ready for it!

– Terrified about unleashing the beast? WE CAN HANDLE IT. Rage is important; we can problem-solve some other time. For now, for this night, for Bitchfest: JUST LET IT OUT.

Intermission Show: First Sorrow – acrobatic lecture. A duet with Jana Korb and Anja Gessenhardt.

A grotesque lecture, in which both artists perform both the characters of the trapeze artist and the impresaria. Performed without a trapeze – but the audience will picture the trapeze nonetheless…

With the circus literature by Franz Kafka and Jean Genet, Jana Korb examines the existential essence of aerial arts, the art of aerial arts. She explores the topic of circus in literature and brings it back as theatric performance into the circus. With narration as the starting point, she develops her own circus body language. It is about dependencies, intransigence, and everlasting temporary – high up on the trapeze.

Doors open at 19.00, show begins at 20.00.

Cost: 8 euros at the door

Please arrive early to avoid disappointment

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