New delights…

Along with the renovations, we also fancied a few new spirits for the bar, along with our new house Pils from Berliner Berg (more on that later…). Our first new spirit we bring to you…

With stunning scenery, beautiful countryside and wonderful water, Cornwall is truly a delightful part of England. Although we are slightly biased as it is from around this region we originate from…as is our new gin – Tarquin’s Cornish British Blackberry Dry Gin.

In their own words,

We’ve hand-selected 14 different botanicals – carefully sourced from both distant and exotic locations around the world – to craft a gin in proud celebration of the Great British Blackberry.

BLACKBERRIES ~ 100% British

WILDFLOWER HONEY ~ from Cornwall

CORIANDER SEED ~ from Bulgaria

LIQUORICE ROOT ~ from Uzbekistan

ANGELICA ROOT ~ from Poland

ORRIS ROOT ~ from Morocco

GREEN CARDAMON ~ from Guatemala

CINNAMON ~ from Madagascar

BITTER ALMONDS ~ from Morocco

FRESH ORANGE, LEMON & GRAPEFRUIT PEEL ~ (seasonally sourced)

VIOLETS ~ hand-picked from Tarquin’s Garden

And the result? Well, come and try it for yourselves, and we can guarantee the flavour will delight and enchant you…

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