Presenting a new spirit to our collection…Mezcal

Like Tequila….but a whole lot more (and better!). We bring you…. Alacrán Auténtico Joven

Smokey, with a hint of dried citrus and fresh oregano, this Mezcal is one to travel across town for – and it’s even better when combined with fresh lime juice, agave, and a dash of smoked salt to create our Mezcal sour. As you can guess, we fell in love with it upon first taste (or with Myke, first sniff…)

Made in Oaxaca, Mexico, the ‘Espadin’ agave hearts are roasted in an underground oven, then crushed by a donkey or a horse powered Tahona mills. Afterwards, they are naturally fermented and double distilled in copper pots. All that effort to bring you a superb-tasting spirit that will set your taste-buds buzzing.

Not convinced? Then come and try some at the bar and you will be…

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