Welcome to Wein Salon

Natural Wine

As well as a core range of organic and vegan wines we have a collection of exceptional natural wines sourced from artisanal producers who champion organic and biodynamic practices.

Crafted Cocktails

For those seeking a departure from the wine, we invite you to savor the art of the cocktail. Using premium craft spirits and housemade tinctures, shrubs and syrups, we take pride in shaking, stirring, and pouring libations that awaken the senses.

Local Craft Beer

In addition to our exquisite wine and cocktail selection, we celebrate Berlin’s rich brewing heritage by offering a small selection of locally crafted beers.


Our commitment to creating memorable experiences goes beyond the glass. We host and self produce a variety of events to cater to every taste and preference. From themed wine tastings, a Cabaret, Indie Film Nights, Musical Nights and Drag Performances, our calendar is a tapestry of diverse events that reflect the dynamic spirit of Berlin. Check out our event page for more info on upcoming events. 

Inclusivity and Community

We believe that great moments are made when diversity is celebrated. Our space is proudly LGBTQIA+ friendly, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone is not only welcomed but embraced. We take pride in being a space where all individuals, regardless of their identity, can gather, connect, and share in the joy of exceptional drinks.