Our new season begins…

As Summer moves on and Autumn comes into view, we’re excited at Wein Salon for our new season of wonderful events….

Vino Kino – Independent Films every Tuesday

Every Tuesday from 1st September we will be showing independent films from Courage Film Festival, FilmArte and Nose of Wax.

You can discover which films are being shown either on our website or the Facebook site, Vino Kino at Wein Salon.

Folk with Dandelion and Burdock

Folk music brings people of different nationalities together, and all are welcome to our first Folk with Dandelion and Burdock evening on Wednesday 23rd September.

We shall be sat outside from 19.30 – 21.00 singing songs and playing instruments, and then from 21 we shall be lowering the volume and singing quieter songs.

This is our first foray in to folk, and we can’t wait to see and hear what Berlin has to offer! For more information, visit the Facebook event page, Folk with Dandelion and Burdock.

Oh, and there’s more from performers pushing the boundaries of creativity..

We have more events coming too, including a visit from Berlin’s best Drag King collective, Venus Boys …. keep an eye on here for more information soon!

The incredible Political Agender will also be returning this Fall too, improving the world wherever they go…

A Brief Overview…

Covid-19 and Us

All of our events will be socially distanced and we aim for our guests to feel as comfortable as possible, safe and able to enjoy the entertainment. Further details about how we are to do this at events will be on the events pages on Facebook.

For inside events we have 15 seats available so booking/reserving is a must if you would like to guarantee a spot. Send us a message on Facebook or email us at weinsalon59@gmail.com to ensure you get a spot….

Cocktail No. 2 – Poncha with a Passion

Maderia – a beautiful island off the coast of Africa, and the inspiration behind our Poncha with a Passion!

Traditionally a Poncha is made with aguardente de cana (distilled alcohol made from sugar cane juice), honey, sugar, and either orange juice or lemon juice. When on holiday a few years back, Rob and I enjoyed many of these whilst sat in the extreme heat (it was 42 °C ) and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Back in Berlin, and after the lockdown we discovered a new Berlin-based company called Mumpitz, and their delightful fruit liqueurs. Upon tasting their Passionfruit and Lemongrass, our cocktail making senses tingled and memories of Madeira returned…the forests with trees heavy with passionfruits, and the vibrant markets celebrating the many varieties of this delicious fruit. We were inspired…

With the delicious base flavour of the Mumpitz, Passionfruit and Lemongrass variety, we exchanged the aguardente de cana for Bacardi white rum and added some fresh lemon juice for more freshness. To finish it off, we piled in crushed ice and topped it up with a dash of carbonated mineral water.

Our Poncha with a Passion was born, and ready to feature in our first cocktail take-over at Khwan in June. With a garnish of lemon slices and a cape gooseberry/physalis, our new favourite Summer drink at Wein Salon was born… Have you enjoyed it yet?

Mumpitz – The first smoothie liqueur in the world

As a strong supporter of local companies, we are thrilled to serve Mumpitz at Wein Salon. As their website says,

‘The original, handmade BERLINER MUMPITZ liqueur is available since 1 October 2019. It is the first smoothie with 22 percent alcohol that combines a fruit with a botanical and is drunk chilled as LongShot. True to the motto (in German jargon): “Sipping instead of Tossing” (or “Sip it, don’t binge it”) 70 percent fruit content, in a balanced variation of taste with a tangy herbal note, makes it an unrivalled, vegan natural product in its segment.’

With such freshness and focus on quality and ethically produced, these drinks fit perfectly at our bar, along with their superb design and look. We have a number of cocktails already available at the bar (Lemon Blossom anyone?), and we are looking forward to collaborating more in the future.

For more information about Mumpitz, visit their website: https://mumpitz.berlin/index-en.html

Cocktail No. 1 – The S & M

Smoky & Mezcal?

Spicy & Mouth-numbing?

Smooth & Melting?

Salty & Mouthwatering?

We’ll let you decide why we called it the S&M, but this cocktail visits so many of your taste receptors – the smoked salt, the spicy dried chilli, the smoky mezcal, the sourness of limes, oh and the smooth creamy foam coming from the aquafaba. This is one for those who like complex, almost savoury cocktails that will excite so many senses.

The Development…

If you know Myke, you’ll know he likes smoky flavours (just ask him about his Bumbu Spiced Rum smoked with cloves….), so when he discovered the delightfully smoked tequila, Mezcal, he was a happy cocktail creator.

With a new understanding, and love, of sours under his belt, he set to work creating what would be called the S&M. A Mezcal Sour is an absolute delight, but Myke wanted more…so using the inspiration of lime, Mezcal and agave, he introduced some spice to the drink – the bird’s eye chilli.

So, the twist on a Mezcal sour was developing, and to take the edge off the spice Myke added one of his favourite cocktail ingredients – aquafaba. Not heard of it? It’s the vegan version of egg white (a common addition to sours) and creates the foam on top.

The drink was almost complete – just the garnish to work on. Rob and Myke decided on cucumber for coolness in the drink, and the red paprika strands were added both for colour and aroma. A few drops of chipotle Tabasco sauce and the drink is complete…have you ordered yours yet?

More than a wine bar…cocktail creators too!

Wein Salon – a name that makes you think of erm….wine, and although we serve delicious wines – some natural, vegan and organic – we are very proud of our cocktail creations too!

Over the next few months we will be giving you a tour of our new cocktail creations, explaining their development and enticing you at the same time. Some might be on the menu, some might not be, in which case, the only way to know about them is checking our website….lucky you!

To begin with, we’ll be presenting one of Myke’s favourite creations – the
S & M….

International Women’s Festival 2020 – Day Three

International Women'S Day 2020

Daytime Film screening (11.30 – 12.30) –

«The little death» is a documentary film about the female orgasm. Women from various ages, experiences and sexual preferences talk about their orgasms in all sincerity. Poetical, abstract and metaphorical images take us into the heart of their sensations. Speaking about orgasm, the protagonists talk about their desires, their sexuality. With sensibility, poetry and humor, the film takes us in the intimacy of women. Far away from pornography, performance’s cult or excessive erotic. The film is a collective adventure, driven by a common will to break some taboos that still weigh on female sexuality. «The little death» is a dialog between women, for women. And for men.

Workshop 14.00 – 16.00

BREATH IN, TRUTH OUT: finding and telling your stories for fun, profit, and global transformation, with Cameryn Moore

Cameryn Moore
Cameryn Moore

If you’ve ever needed to share a hard experience with someone–at work or in a friend group, at a performance or with a partner–you know it’s not always easy to find your voice. Like, it can be weird and/or scary to say what’s true, what happened to you, and why it’s important! Facilitator

Cameryn Moore is going to give you some ideas for getting through this and getting the most out of your storytelling moments, along with a whole range of tips she’s gleaned from over 10 years of storytelling. From breathing deep to using silence, calling out details and interacting with the audience… this workshop will help you fill your own storytelling toolbox. (In English.)

Length: 2 hours, limit: 10 people, Cost: 12 Eur adv, 15 Eur door.

Political Agender IWD special – 19.00 – 23.00

Political Agender is back for an International Women’s Day, Trans Women Special.

As trans exclusionary feminism IS NOT feminism, Political Agender presents a spoken word event showcasing trans women’s experiences and journeys navigating this world where the binary rules. Everyone is welcome, trans women only on stage.

Open from 1900, show starts around 20.00


International Women'S Day

Growler, Nina Hynes and Pussy Powered Protest

Join Growler and a host of fantastic female performers putting on a unique evening of entertainment.

Growler is a 78-year-old vulva from the inner city of Dublin. She is an alchemist, she transmutes women’s pain through storytelling, singing, and poetry. She loves her few smokes, drinking cocktails, and has a tongue like a lash.

Nina Hynes is currently locked up alone making her 5th album. Like her last one Goldmine, it was crowd funded.She has been releasing records independently for twenty years.She has toured in the US and Europe and supported many respected and brilliant artists.She also makes music for film and art and loves collaborating. Music is her. She is music.

Pussy Powered Protest brings you a hedonistic show of weird, funny and confusing entertainment direct from Berlin. Through cabaret, comedy, music, burlesque and puppetry, the artists tackle sexuality, immigration, queerness, body politics and power.
From Colombia, Lebanon, Australia and the USA, these power femmes deliver a vulvacious smack to the funny bones with a special blend of razor sharp wits and juvenile jokes. A thoughtful, intelligent alternative comedy that will make your pants wet (in a good way).

Doors open at 19.00, show begins around 20.00

Cost: Donation at the door (suggest – 10 Euro), also available here

International Women’s Day Festival 2020 – Day 1

Cameryn Moore

Bitchfest: for women on the verge who want to vent

Did someone do you wrong because you’re a lady-girl-woman type, or perceived as one out in the world?

Did you do anything about it? Did you want to?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, Bitchfest is for YOU. Hosted by Smut Slam founder Cameryn Moore, this community storytelling open mic invites women to get up on the mic and share their shit. One story per person, five minutes each.

– Not sure whether the shit was just because you’re a woman, or because you’ve got other stuff going on to (race, age, gender, sexuality, body size, disability, class, religion, etc)? THAT’S OKAY! Intersectionality is real and all of this shit is related!
– Don’t think your story is funny or inspiring enough? DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT: we all know that the patriarchy is depressing AF, and we are ready for it!

– Terrified about unleashing the beast? WE CAN HANDLE IT. Rage is important; we can problem-solve some other time. For now, for this night, for Bitchfest: JUST LET IT OUT.

Intermission Show: First Sorrow – acrobatic lecture. A duet with Jana Korb and Anja Gessenhardt.

A grotesque lecture, in which both artists perform both the characters of the trapeze artist and the impresaria. Performed without a trapeze – but the audience will picture the trapeze nonetheless…

With the circus literature by Franz Kafka and Jean Genet, Jana Korb examines the existential essence of aerial arts, the art of aerial arts. She explores the topic of circus in literature and brings it back as theatric performance into the circus. With narration as the starting point, she develops her own circus body language. It is about dependencies, intransigence, and everlasting temporary – high up on the trapeze.

Doors open at 19.00, show begins at 20.00.

Cost: 8 euros at the door

Please arrive early to avoid disappointment

Busy February..

We have a busy, busy February at Wein Salon! Every week has a good reason to join us…

Wednesday 5th – Freak Salon (Cameryn Moore and friends!)
Thursday 6th – NOM: a community storytelling open mic about food
Wednesday 12th – ✩ Just the T2: Consciousness ✩ Tuesday 18th – Screenings 3rd Courage Film Festival
Saturday 22nd – Political Agender Spoken Word #3
Thursday 27th – Open Alternative Comedy and Art, brought to you by Nose of Wax

Plus we are continuing to expand our wine menu with new Natural wine from Czech Republic, oh and some alcohol-free cocktails

Muse: an experiment in storytelling and life drawing

Muse, life drawing, berlin

Monday 23 Sept  *  doors at 7:30, session starts at 8pm (90 minutes)
Wein Salon, Schreinerstr 59, Berlin
Tix: €10 (adv at https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4318430)

Were you ever told that you were terrible at drawing? Do you think about life drawing, but get freaked out by the possibility of judgement? This is a chance for you to get that creative feeling back, in a relaxed environment that is guaranteed to broaden your horizons and give you room to breathe.

Muse is paced like a standard life drawing session, but then peeled open and twisted together with storytelling, questions AND answers, from a plus-sized life model/performance artist (me!). You can choose to draw, or sit back and witness, ask questions, zone out to the soundtrack… as you wish! Great for practising artists, folks who have never picked up charcoal, and everyone in between. Bring your own kit, or borrow some of ours.

Fresh from sold-out shows in Edinburgh Fringe and at the Berlin Performing Arts Festival, Muse returns to Berlin on Monday, Sept 23, Reserve your space today!